Steven Spielberg’s Early Films and Interview

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He is considered one the the greatest filmmakers in the history of motion picture winning the Best Director Academy Award for Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan. Everything has already been said about the greatness of Steven Spielberg and it’s all true.

At the age of 13 yrs old, Steven Spielberg made a war movie in 1961 called Escape to Nowhere. He won a prize for it. Below is a couple of minutes of footage from the 40 minute film where you can see the how intuitive he was as a budding director choosing his shots carefully and mixing his camera movements to heighten the action.

Spielberg would create a low budget sci-fi film called Firelight which would be the impetus to the masterpiece Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Here’s a few minutes of the film Firelight by a young Steven Spielberg

Below is Steven Spielberg’s film Amblin, which he would later name his production company after. If it weren’t for this film that an executive of Universal Studios watched, Universal may not have taken a chance on the young director.

For all you aspiring filmmakers, watch and learn from every interview you can find on your mentors. Here’s a great interview of Steven Spielberg on Inside the Actors Studio (Part 1)

Spielberg – Actors Studio – 1/2 por LTT

Steven Spielberg on Inside the Actors Studio (Part 2)

Spielberg – Actors Studio – 2/2 por LTT

Here’s a good article called “6 Filmmaking Tips from Steven Spielberg.” Consider all these types of articles your guerilla style film school.

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